How to Measure

Measurements determine if a fur coat will fit or if it will end up too large or too small. Inappropriate measurements can result in an ill-fitting coat that is uncomfortable. Functioning can be difficult when a coat does not properly fit, especially when the coat is a fur coat. Fur coats are thick and can be difficult to move in when they are too small or too large.

Things You’ll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Helper
  • Paper and pen
  1. Take body measurements. Known body measurements are important to getting the appropriate fur coat size. A fur coat needs measurements for arms, chest, waist, hips, length and upper back at the shoulders. Measurements should be taken by a second individual to ensure that measurements are accurate. Measure according to inches and take every measurement along the arm, from the full arm to the upper arm when it is bent.
  2. Measure the coat. The coat should be measured along the same terms, from the length of arms to the shoulders. The shoulder measurements and the measurements at the waist are very important, though measurements like arm length can be slightly long. The arms of a coat can be easily hemmed if slightly too long, but the shoulder and waist measurements cannot be easily altered. If the arms are long and interfere with movement or the use of hands, they should be altered to fit. If the arms are slightly long but do not interfere with the use of hands, the length is acceptable.
  3. Try on the fur coat. While trying it on, move around and make sure that all movement is easy and unobstructed. If the coat pulls at the shoulders, it can be hard to move and is a sign that the shoulders are slightly too small. Fur coat sizing can be different from retail sizing, so don’t assume it will fit if the retail size matches.
  4. Purchase a fur coat in a slightly larger size if the measurements fall between two different sizes. The smaller size will be too tight and will be uncomfortable, especially in the shoulders.

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