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Shortening & Lengthening

You might have an older garment that you haven’t worn in years because your lifestyle has changed or styles have changed. Bring it in we can shorten or lengthen any fur giving it a whole new lease on life!

We understand how difficult it could be to see your favorite garment rot away in your wardrobe just because it is old-fashioned now. Elanfurs brings you the finest solution for such much-loved dresses. 

We all have some pretty dresses in our wardrobes that we adore a lot, but still do not wear because they look outdated. At Elanfurs, we treat these dresses dedicatedly and bring life to these old-dated clothes through our alteration services. 

We make sure to do everything possible to alter these outdated clothes to the latest fashion. Because we want you to look voguish without wasting more money on new items, and the joy of altering old dresses is beyond expression, simply experience it.

Other Services

Layaway & FInancing

You can lay away any garment for a small deposit and take advantage of seasonal sales to grow your fur wardrobe. In addition, we have convenient financing available...


Our skilled furriers can do wonders by restoring your outdated or faded garments. They skillfully reline your worn-out dresses to revive their beauty and charm.  Some dresses are...


If you’re tired of seeing your once-loved dresses collecting dust in your wardrobe or want to upgrade your wardrobe, look no further than ElanFurs Conversion services.  We provide...

Complementary Inspection

It is very important for you to clean your fur coat at least once a year – even if you haven’t worn it. That’s why we offer a...


Imagine adding a touch of personalization to your fur garments. Sounds exciting? Our monogramming services will add a touch of personalization to your much-loved garments.  Monogramming is an...


Leaving your favorite piece of clothing due to a tiny tear or a missing button is a heartbreaking dilemma, but no one talks about it. ElanFurs offer exceptional...