Furs, above all, should be worn and enjoyed. Proper care will ensure the long life of a fur.

When you wear your fur, take your hand inside and LIFT the shoulder of the coat off of the hanger. Refrain from grasping the front edge and “pulling” it off the hanger, which will either open the lining or fur seams.

As you are about to be seated, undo the bottom hooks and rings and gently lift up the coat before you sit so that when you are seated and raise your arms, there is no stress placed on the underarms and it keeps them from tearing. Purse shoulder straps, particularly chains will cut the fur and leather of your coat. You may want to purchase a purse coat protector for your garment.

During the fur – wearing season, furs stored in the home should be stored away from any direct light or heat source. Closet storage space should be unrestricted for the fur to have room to breathe. Furs must be cleaned once a year in order to keep the leather supple and the fur silky and shiny. Have makeup and perfume removed regularly to prevent oxidation. Reconditioning helps to restore the sheen and luster to the fur and helps to keep the coat from wearing or splitting. Regular inspections by a fur professional for maintenance and repairs will ensure the long life of a fur. All furs require a little maintenance. Small repairs are far less costly in the long run than when left to develop into bigger problems.

Furs are crafted to withstand the elements provided proper steps are taken once indoors. If the fur gets wet from snow or light rain, shake off the precipitation and hang it up to dry away from direct or excessive heat. However, if the fur gets soaked through to the leather – immediately bring it to a furrier to be blocked and professionally treated. When packing a fur for a trip, turn the fur into itself with the lining on the outside and rolling it into itself. Never place your fur in vinyl or plastic bags for more than transporting for a very short period of time. If your garment has been packed or hanging for a while, take it off the hanger, hold it upside down by the hem and shake it out (much like shaking a rug) to fluff it back up.

In warm weather bring (or call us for a complementary pick-up) for storage in our humidified, temperature – controlled vaults to treated with our special cleaning, glazing, and reconditioning methods that will help preserve the life of your furs, leathers and shearling and have you looking your best in the new season. For those older items that might need to be updated or restyled, our designers and furriers are at your service.


For further information on furs visit these two sites: council of America ( and international fur trade federation (

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