Custom Design

Elan Furs actually started out as a custom-made only fur salon. With our four generations of fur expertise we can truly make your dreams come true. From design consultation, to choosing the pelts and from a canvas fitting to the final fitting you can be assured you will have the quality and style you desire at an unparalled price.

We not only custom design new garments, but we work miracles on those older and inherited items that you may be tired of. They may be out of style, not your color or they may just need a FASHION MAKE-OVER!

Complimentary Storage Pick-Up

Whether you are around the block or 50 states away – we will be happy to pick up your garments at no additional charge. Élan’s storage facilities are located on the premises.

Just call one our salons:

Indianapolis 317.255.6100
Morton Grove, IL 847.967.8444

Note: Pick up areas which are located in other states or too far for our drivers will be picked up by UPS.

Fur, Shearling, Leather Cleaning and Glazing

It is very important for you to clean your fur coat at least once a year – even if you haven’t worn it. The cleaning and glazing process is like washing and putting lotion on your skin – it protects it from harmful agents like dust, air pollution, air conditioning, salt, perfumes, skin oils, and others that can change the color of your fur over time, undercut the hairs during wearing, shrink and dry out the pelts leading to expensive repairs. Removing salt from the lining of your coat prevents the salt from eating holes in the silk. We can clean your faux furs as well preventing matting and pilling.

Cleaning leather, suede and shearling reconditions and keeps it soft and supple. We can also clean your fur lined and fur trimmed cloth, silk, wool and cashmere garments.


A small rip, a worn cuff, a loose lining, missing hook or ring are all things that need to be taken care of right away before they “grow” into costly major repairs or damage. Of course, our master furriers can take care of any repair or advise you as to solutions to any fur, shearling or leather problem you may have. Bring your garment into one of our salons or call for a pick-up.


We dye or re-dye any garment in good condition. In addition, for white items that have turned yellow, we can bleach them back to white again.


All of your fur garments should be insured. With every purchase we will send you an appraisal certificate for your insurance company. The most economical is a rider added to your Home Owners or Renter’s policy. For those with inherited or older garments without an appraisal, for a nominal fee we can evaluate your garment and provide you with a certificate for insurance.

Worn Edge or Spot Replacement

If you have a worn hemline, cuffs, pockets or edges our furriers can make these look new again – one of the beauties of fur. The same is true of worn or damaged pelts. Make an appointment with one of our furriers today.


Every new fur sale (coat or jacket) is monogrammed free of charge. If you have an older, or inherited garment, we can either replace the present monogram or put a monogrammed pocket over the old one for a fee.

Complementary Inspection

You may have an older coat you haven’t worn for a while or an inherited garment that you don’t know what it is, what to do with it or if it’s worth doing anything – bring it to one our salons for a free consultation.


So you’ve had your coat for a number of years and it is worn, stained, or torn – or you’d like to add a little color – the lining is very important to the style, health and longevity of your garment.

Shortening and Lengthening

You might have an older garment that you haven’t worn in years because your lifestyle has changed or styles have changed. Bring it in we can shorten or lengthen any fur giving it a whole new lease on life!

Pocket and Zipper Replacement

Ok, so you’ve jammed everything from hands to gloves to toys and tissues into your pockets (that may have not been deep enough to start) for years and now they have holes or making the front of your coat sag – we can replace these and you can start all over again. Do you have a favorite jacket fur or leather clogging your closet with a broken zipper? Let us replace it and recondition it at the same time.


You have an older or inherited coat that just won’t quit or you just don’t know what to do with it? Let us turn it into a lined or reversible jacket or coat. We can even use it to make a removable vest / liner for a poplin or denim jacket – even have it knitted into a whole new creation.


If you have a piece that you are tired of or perhaps inherited and it is not “your color or style”, trade it in for an updated style. Just bring it into one of our salons to meet with one our furriers.


We have delivery (or pick-up) available in all 50 states either by messenger, UPS, or USPS.


For a small deposit you can lay away any garment and take advantage of seasonal sales to grow your fur wardrobe.


We have convenient financing available for all garments.

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